sugar + spice meringue sampler

An aromatic gift box of spiced meringues for the holidays - we mix an assortment of pure organic maple kisses, gingerbread spice kisses, and peppermint meringue drops with whole crystallized ginger for a spicy warmth, freeze-dried cranberries for a crispy tartness, and cinnamon shavings for a mellow sweetness.

sugar + spice meringue sampler

organic vegan meringue powder

meringueshop's MERINGUE POWDER begins with fresh, organic vegan meringues baked from scratch. We grind meringues to a fine powder to use as a direct replacement for egg white meringue powder. Our vegan meringue powder performs just like traditional egg-based meringue powder. It whips to a smooth royal icing, thins to a pourable drip glaze, and stabilizes creamy frosting.

meringue powder

organic vegan sprinkles

Our confetti-style sprinkles are sheer and paper thin, yet hold up well for a range of decorating possibilities. Colors, derived from vibrant, plant-based pigments, add a fanciful, mosaic-like finish to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and donuts as well as a flavorful, sweet crunch. What's more - the sprinkles are 'colorfast' and won't bleed into frostings and finishes.

Made with vegan, organic, non-GMO ingredients, these sprinkles are free from artificial colors, preservatives, wax, and shellac coatings.