chocolate truffles

Chocolate and date truffles in four flavors: chai, matcha, mocha, and pomegranate. In single-flavor boxes or a set of all four flavors.



Our vegan cake donuts are baked, never fried. Ideal for dunking in your morning coffee or afternoon latte. Free from eggs, milk and soy, our donuts are made with organic flours milled locally in New York and lightly sweetened with organic raw cane sugar and fruit purees.


organic vegan meringue powder

Meringue powder is a baker's staple that is traditionally made with egg whites. We blend our freshly ground vegan meringues to create our uniquely formulated meringue powder, free from eggs! Just add water and confectioner's sugar to whip up into royal icing for cookie decorating or thin to a pourable drip glaze for donut dipping.

meringue powder

organic vegan sprinkles

Our confetti-style sprinkles are sheer and paper thin, yet hold up well for a range of decorating possibilities. Colors, derived from vibrant, plant-based pigments, add a fanciful, mosaic-like finish to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and donuts as well as a flavorful, sweet crunch. What's more - the sprinkles are 'colorfast' and won't bleed into frostings and finishes.

Made with vegan, organic, non-GMO ingredients, these sprinkles are free from artificial colors, preservatives, wax, and shellac coatings.