mocha truffle with orange

    Our truffles are made with the whole cacao bean - pure 100% cacao paste, virgin cacao butter, cacao powder, all organic certified and non-GMO from Ecuadorian Arriba Cacao. The cacao is ethically sourced in partnership with small farmers and co-ops.

    Naturally sweetened with fresh organic medjool dates, we add a shot of espresso  with a twist of orange peel, protein rich cacao nibs and roll them in a dusting of cacao powder.

    A delicious indulgence, rich in antioxidants, high fiber, low carb, and only 80 calories per truffle, with just 9g net carbs.

    Ingredients: Medjool dates*, cacao liquor (pure chocolate)*, cacao butter*, cacao powder, refined coconut oil*, coffee*, cacao nibs*, orange extract.*
    *organic ingredient

    Packaged 8 pieces per box in each flavor, or as a boxed set of 4 flavors

    Organic, vegan, peanut and tree nut free, gluten free, fat free, kosher.