raspberry rose fleurs délices

Fleurs délices ™,  translates as ‘delightful flowers.' We use several techniques to capture the fragrance of the flowers and infuse them into the meringues. We mortar and pestle fresh organic flower petals for our floral sugar crystals, we pulverize freeze-dried fruits with sugar to make a concentrated fruit confectioners sugar, and we steep herbs in syrup for an aromatic extract.

Dried organic rose petals in our raspberry rose fleurs délices release a beautiful pink hue and infuse an edible rose bouquet that we blend with raspberries for this delightful meringue flavor.  

Contents: approx. 3 dozen meringuedrops

Calories per meringue: 5 calories per meringuedrop

Ingredients: raw cane sugar*, aquafaba (chickpeas*, water), maple sugar*, dried raspberry*, rose water*, non-GMO super pink color (beet root color, vegetable gum).

* organic ingredient

Organic, vegan, peanut and tree nut free, gluten free, fat free, kosher.