Our potpourri of meringue kisses takes an 'uneggspected twist' from this Victorian tradition. We combine fragrant fleurs délices meringues with dried berries and citrus and toss them together with organic herb sprigs, edible flower petals, and candied fruits. Save the edible flowers and steep them with your favorite tea, and enjoy the aromatherapy.

Blueberry lavender potpourri has a touch of lavender water, wild blueberries and aromatherapy in every meringue bite. Tuck the lavender into a secret hideaway or steep with chamomile tea for an evening respite.

Orange blossom potpourri highlights vanilla bean and orange meringues with crisp dried orange slices. The slightly bitter oranges complement the sweet meringues in a remarkable way. The edible organic calendula flowers happen to be so pretty, we needed to add them to the potpourri. Steep them in lemon verbena tea with a slice of orange.

Raspberry rose potpourri combines raspberry and rosewater meringues with edible seasonal flowers from Cherry Valley Farm and crisp freeze-dried organic raspberries. The fragrance is sweet and enveloping. Sprinkle the flowers steeped in your favorite herb tea, sweetened with a meringuedrop!

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