gluten free vanilla drip cake

Our Vanilla Drip Cakes are layered with your choice of whipped white chocolate or dark ganache, dripped chocolate glaze and meringuedrops. White chocolate glaze has an option to be tinted in a pastel color with plant based pigments. Made with gluten free flours. Please note, this cake is for pick up only.

When ordering online for an in-store pick up, be sure to specify the pick up date before cart checkout when placing your order. Celebration cakes require a minimum of 5 business days. We can occasionally accommodate rush orders or custom order requests, just give us a call 914.725.1026 or email questions to You can also email us here to customize your cake with an inscription.

CAKE: sorghum flour*, brown rice flour*, potato starch, tapioca starch*, baking powder, baking soda, xanthan, apple sauce, raw coconut oil*, cider vinegar, raw cane sugar*, vanilla extract . FROSTING: butter replacement , cocoa powder, confectioners sugar*, oat milk*, vanilla extract. MERINGUE: aquafaba (chickpeas*, water), raw cane sugar*, maple sugar*, arrowroot powder*, cream of tartar, vanilla extract, non-GMO plant-based colors.

WHITE CHOCOLATE GANACHE: white chocolate (coconut oil, vanilla, sugar, sunflower lecithin), coconut cream*. DARK CHOCOLATE GANACHE:  chocolate, cocoa powder, refined coconut oil*, oat milk*


*organic ingredient  

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