fleur de sel

These meringues are made with 100% maple sugar (free from cane sugar) and are dripped with yacón-sweetened chocolate. Yacón root, an alternative sweetener, has a molasses taste and is popular for its low glycemic levels. For a slight savory finish, the meringues are sprinkled with Celtic fleur de sel - otherwise known as 'flower of the sea' sea salt.

Contents: 18 meringuedrops + 8 large kisses

Calories per meringue: 11 calories per meringuedrop, 25 calories per kiss

Ingredients: maple sugar*, chocolate 79% cacao (cacao beans*, yacón*, maple sugar*, cacao butter*), aquafaba (chickpeas*, water), cream of tartar, 'fleur de sel' celtic sea salt*.

* organic ingredient

Organic, vegan, peanut and tree nut free, gluten free, fat free, kosher.

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