blueberry lavender

Blueberry lavender potpourri is from our fleurs délices™ collection. Open the lid to this fragrant purple collection of fruits, flowers and meringues and immerse yourself in a moment of peace and relaxation. Enjoy a touch of lavender water, wild blueberries and aromatherapy in every meringue bite. Tuck the lavender into a secret hideaway or steep with chamomile tea for an evening respite.

Contents: 24 meringuedrops + 8 large kisses

Calories per meringue: 5 calories per meringuedrop, 10 calories per kiss

Ingredients: raw cane sugar*, aquafaba (chickpeas*, water), maple sugar*, dried wild blueberry*, arrowroot*, lavender*, non-GMO purple color (grape juice, dextrose).

* organic ingredient

Organic, vegan, peanut and tree nut free, gluten free, fat free, kosher.

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