A potpourri is typically a blend of plant parts, most often aromatic flowers with herbs and spices, that is then placed into a sachet to scent a room. Our potpourri collection is edible and takes an 'uneggspected twist' from this Victorian tradition. We combine fragrant meringues from our fleurs délices collection with dried berries and citrus and toss them together with organic herb sprigs, edible flower petals, and candied fruits. We partner with Cherry Valley Farms in Lancaster, PA to grow organic edible flowers for us throughout the year.  Save the edible flowers and allow to steep with your favorite tea, and enjoy the aromatherapy.

    Potpourri can be enjoyed individually or as a gift set, stacked high for a dramatic three-tiered meringue assortment.

    Meringues per container: 24 meringuedrops and 8 large kisses.