Our cupcakes come in various sizes and decorations. Our smaller party cupcakes are ideal for school celebrations and birthday parties. With a swirl of frosting in vanilla or chocolate, they are customized with your choice of sprinkle color. Our kitchen is dedicated to peanut and tree-nut free baking and we can provide a school letter upon request.

Our fancy cupcakes are standard sized with your choice of two frosting colors and our festive meringuedrops.

Extra large cupcakes make a lovely celebration gift. Enough for one or two to share, each cupcake includes a custom message shortbread cookie.


Our sprinkles are organic and handcrafted by us! All of our colors are vegan and made from superfruit or vegetable powders, no artificial ingredients or dyes. Some of the ingredients include spirulina, turmeric, beet and purple yam. Another remarkable quality about our sprinkles is that they are wafer thin and dissolve in your mouth, ideal for the little ones. (No small objects to choke on!)