About meringueshop

As a classically-trained pastry chef, I was taught to bake with sweet butter, whole milk and fresh eggs. Most recipes had at least one or all of these ingredients. So, when I decided to transform my recipes and retrain myself to bake using only plant-based ingredients, I found the egg replacer to be the most difficult ingredient to substitute. I turned to the different available options for egg replacers. Aquafaba checked all the boxes. However, creating a consistent aquafaba with the right viscosity was critical. My goal was to perfect a measurable reduction of clean, organic aquafaba that would be the base for structurally sound meringues which could be used in a variety of applications in my bakery.

From my work with aquafaba, I have developed a line of decorating ingredients that are replacements for baking staples including a formula for an eggless meringue powder to make royal icing and handcrafted sprinkles with all natural plant-based colors. As a nut-free bakery, I have upcycled the chickpeas by slow roasting them into a nut substitute which is ideal as a replacement for nut-based pie crusts and nut-free 'notella'.

For any questions about how to use aquafaba or any of these products, please send inquiries to [email protected]

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Diane Forley is a professional chef, product developer, and writer. Diane was chef-owner of Verbena Restaurant and the wine bar Bar Demi, both formerly in New York City. Diane trained in restaurants in New York and Paris including the River Café, Arpege, L’Ecole Le Notre, and Gotham Bar and Grill where she was the pastry chef. Diane’s cookbook, Anatomy of a Dish, summarized her plant-based approach to cooking – one that bridges the divide between the culinary and the botanical. She currently spends her time between Meringueshop and her kitchen at Flourish Baking Company.